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DAMM - Divadelní Asociace Marky Míkové

Představení v angličtině


Where the Wild Things are

This performance takes its inspiration from the book Where the “Wild

Things are” writen by Maurice Sendak. This story is about naughtines.

Everybody is sometimes naughty and than we are really wild. But after

all naughtines we want to be good , like the boy named Max in this story.

Through these performance, we sing and play aspects of life with children

and strive to engage them into the story.



Frog and Toad

puppet show for children based on the classic tales from Arnold Lobel.
It is an interactive musical, which includes both traditional and contemporary child - size puppets that will delight both children and adults alike. The message of this tale is that whatever happens you will always be loved my your friends.

actors: Marka Míková and Kryštof Míka